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-called fiscal cliff on tax increases and spending cuts raising the risk that expansion will be at a snail's pace. in the meantime, linkedin is a company benefiting from people looking for jobs. they sold more subscriptions to their expanding based. we had a little rally going on yesterday. some strong economic reports having to deal with consumer confidence, manufacturing, and all of that helping stocks of a good day. in the meantime, the ipad mini comes out today. as of yesterday, there was one guy a in line and he traveled more than three hours from brooklyn to get to the flagship store. this morning about two were three dozen people are in line. >> he is holding a spot for 7000 other people. that is what i understand. >> maybe he will come out was 7000 ipad minis. facebook had a real -- facebook had a huge roll out for their time line, but now they are already considering a change? >> i will have more details of what they are looking to do. and estimates on the damage for hurricane sandy is giong up. >>she is a ravens fan. 5:22. up next, our commitment 2012 report. >> more on why today posted
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1